Sunday Funday

After a long night on saturday, I got up a little later than normal. Mara and Dan decided to tour around Baltimore harbor and check out fells point, harbor east, and the inner harbor. Kevin and I decided to head up to Loch Raven reservoir and do some fishing. It was a beautiful day so we wanted to be outside and on the water is even better. For breakfast, I made a few breakfast burritos with 2 eggs, cheddar cheese, a little hot sauce (chalula is the best), and corn tortillas that were warmed in the toaster oven. These things are so delicious!
Then I had half a banana with PB. So after breakfast/lunch we went out to Loch Raven Reservoir and decided to rent a boat with a little motor. We had a little trouble moving away from the dock because someone couldnt figure out the motor. ha. We even had someone from the fishing center come out to give us a quick overview. After some more frustration - I was told to take over and proceeded to take us away from the dock. HAHA.

We had another funny (scary) thing happen when oscar, my dog, decided to jump out of the boat when we were close to shore in a secluded area of the reservoir. Except he wouldnt go near shore and kept swimming around the boat. I turned the motor off because i was scared of hurting him, so we were basically sitting there with my dog swimming and swimming around the boat. He started to look frantic, so I decided the only thing i could do was JUMP IN TO SAVE HIM. I jumped off the boat fully clothed - no bathing suit since swimming is not allowed - and swam with him to shore. It was so gross because of all of the weeds and muck in the water. It was definitely a tense moment for a minute there when i was deciding what to do. But afterwards, it became hilarious because oscar didnt seem worried at all after we got on shore. I was the freaky swamp monster coming out of the water. I probably swam like 20 yards and was exhausted afterwards. I have a few scratches from oscar trying to climb on me in the water during our little swim. Here are some shots from our day:

This is me, aka. boat captain, with my boy, Oscar - after our "relaxing" swim together. I look dry here, but that was definitely not the case. I was pulling lake weed out of my shirt and shorts for awhile.
Kevin, doing some fishing. We didnt catch anything. Well actually, he caught a lot of lake weed stuff.
Oscar, giving Kevin some love, after I was the one who jumped in to "save" him. ;)
After our long day on the water, we all decided to head to Nick's Fish House to see a band, Cant Hang, play some great music and get some seafood. We split a crab pretzel, which was absolutely the most incredible thing i have ever tasted. It was a pretzel, cut in half, stuffed with lump crab meat, topped with old bay and melted cheese. There was no chance of getting a picture of this - I had to make sure i got enough!! I decided on Caesar salad with seared scallops for my meal. I forgot to take a picture until after most of it was gone. I also had two bud light with limes - these are so refreshing. Mara and Dan got a bunch of good seafood and I tried a steamed clam and a steamed shrimp! everything was great!

After we got back from dinner, Kevin and I took a walk down to Rita's Italian ice with Oscar and I got a mango gelati. We probably walked about 1.5 miles there and back - maybe more. I was exhausted after a long, but FUN weekend. And we still have labor day tomorrow!! Kevin and I are going mountain biking - and I cant wait!


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