Post-Race Monday

It was so hard to get out of bed this morning – I was really sore from yesterday’s race. Even with all the marathon training – my muscles were in shock from all those hills!

I think the picture below, which was taken from the Will Ramos photography site is really funny. He takes awesome shots, by the way!! Kevin jumped over the log in the middle of the trail and I am in the background laughing at him as he almost falls on his face.

But, since karma is such a “you-know-what” – while I am going under the log, I almost completely bite it. Thanks karma.

It was such a cool race though – and we made sure all those blurs in the background didn’t catch us!

Breakfast this morning was scrambled egg whites with yellow squash, broccoli, gorgonzola, and some chalula hot sauce. I also made a new variation of my mango spritzer with this Peach/Apple juice I picked up at Trader Joes and I had a piece of whole wheat potato bread toast with barney butter and honey.

Mid-morning snack was peanut butter filled pretzels w/ dark chocolate edamame. (I know – bad – it was supposed to be my dessert for lunch.) I also had a apple pie larabar. Man, it was a big snack, but I just felt hungry. Lunch was leftover pizza from last night – just as good heated up!Afternoon snack was Fat-Free Stonyfield French Vanilla yogurt, which I have decided is my favorite of all time. It is so sweet and creamy – love the texture. Of course, it is higher in sugar and lower in protein than greek yogurts, but I figure I will use it as a treat to mix it up a bit. I added some GoLean Kashi crunch and unsalted dry-roasted sliced almonds for a crunch!

Today after work - running was the LAST thing I wanted to do. But, Mr. Motivation (aka. Kevin) wanted to do a run and then push-ups/sit-ups. whew - i was tired just typing all that. It was a tough run because i really didnt want to do it. But we ended up running for 48 mins and then I only did 2 sets of 15 push-ups/20 sit-ups. I am glad I did it, but plan to take tomorrow off. My legs need a rest.

For dinner tonight, I made a variation of the Pioneer Woman's Penne A La Betsy! I have made the original, which is one of the most delicious things I have ever tasted - but tonight was about using up some of the things I had on hand to make a version of it!

I used the jumbo, frozen, deveined shrimp from trader joes and sauteed them in a mixture of light whipped butter and EVOO until they had just turned pink. Then I pulled them out and set aside. I then added in a few cloves of minced garlic and chopped onion to the pan. Once these were starting to soften, I added a little white wine to deglaze. Then I added my secret ingredient - the most expensive jar of pasta sauce i have ever bought. I had a gift card to williams-sonoma and so I decided to pay over $10 for this stuff. It was pretty amazing, but I'm not sure any tomato sauce should cost that much.To make the sauce creamier - I added two spoonfuls of part-skim ricotta. During all this time - i had the whole wheat rotini pasta boiling. I just noticed that this "whole grain" pasta is made with only "51%" whole wheat. I need to pay closer attention to that!I also pulled the tails off the shrimp and cut them in half to make bite-size pieces. The shrimp went back in the pan to mix in with the sauce. Then I added the pasta and mixed it all together.
Here is my serving - delish! oh yeah - i added a little Asiago cheese on top! :)Dessert was another mango mochi ice cream! i love these things. I just had one!

Hope everyone has a great night! The HILLS are on and Kevin and I cant wait to watch it! ha. well, more me. But the other day Kevin compared something to the way Lo was acting on the show and I was laughing so hard. He is INTO it, but just wont admit it. :)


Anonymous September 9, 2008 at 11:53 AM  

Adding ricotta to the pasta sauce sounds like a great trick, I'll have to try that!

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