Monday - hopefully not getting sick...

Today I woke up and just didnt feel quite right. It wasnt a cold sickness, but I just felt sort of out of it. And my neck glands on my left side were swollen. Please dont let me get sick!

Breakfast was huevos rancheros. 2 corn tortillas were heated in a dry pan and stuffed with egg beaters, green chiles, shredded cheddar, and some cholula. By the way, these corn tortillas are awesome - I love the taste and 2 of them are only 90 calories, 1g of fat, 2g of protein and barely any sodium!I also had half of a banana.Mid-morning snack was a juicy, ripe pear - it was perfect!I was craving soda and felt like I needed some caffeine, so even thought I brought lunch - i ran out and got a Diet Dr. Pepper to go with everything. I hadnt had one in awhile and just really wanted one!

I made my sandwich with WW soft bread, garlic and herb laughing cow, pickles, and boars head BBQ chicken.Dessert was a slice of my pineapple/banana bread from yesterday. It is extremely moist and I think it tastes great, considering there is no butter or oil! You can see the chunks of pineapple throughout the bread...Afternoon snack was French Vanilla Stoneyfield yogurt with Go Lean Kashi Crunch and almonds mixed in. I love this snack and actually look forward to eating it!After work, I stopped off at my grandmom's house and had a few bites of pork tenderloin and noodles, but didnt eat alot since I was planning to run. Had to have a quick bite though! :)

The run just wasnt in the cards tonight - i had the worst headache and couldnt knock it, so Kevin and I walked oscar around the park and into Fell's Point for over an hour long walk! Probably around 3.5 - 4 miles, it was a beautiful night. The sky had turned into pinks and purples by the time we made it back to the house. My right hamstring was still pretty tight from the 20-miler on saturday, so I stretched out for a good 5 mins after the walk. Will plan to get a 30 min run in tomorrow.

Ever had those nights where nothing sounds appetizing? Tonight was one of those for me - I just didnt feel like having/making anything I had. So, I had a small bowl of leftover pasta, chicken, and green beans mixed together with a sliced apple and water.Dessert was a piece of WW toast with reduced-fat peanut butter and dark chocolate covered raisins on top! this was very good.I still have my frozen chobani for later, so we shall see if I get to eat it. I hope this isnt a big sickness coming on - I want to go to bed early and get lots of rest!

On a side note to show how weird (awesome) my dog is...he will only eat his food if people are nearby. Basically, he is a social eater. So I have started bringing his food into the living room so he can eat while I am on the couch relaxing instead of sitting in the kitchen on an uncomfortable bench. Here he is being extremely lazy - eating his dinner while laying down! :)


Meghann September 16, 2008 at 11:36 AM  

I just discovered your blog and I have to say I am impressed. You're running milage is what I aspire to achieve.

Sometimes walking the dog in the park is just the sort of exercise I need too.

lauren September 16, 2008 at 12:11 PM  

meghann - thanks for stopping by! Are you currently training for a race? Going to check out your blog now!

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