The AC is OFF! :)

I am so excited to report that my air conditioning is officially off! I dont want to put it on again! But I havent checked the weather outlook, so I will just cross my fingers for now. The weather today in Baltimore was perfect - my favorite type of day. Low 70s, low humidity, with a slight breeze. I love fall!

This morning, I woke up extremely late and had an early meeting, so i rushed out of the house and didnt get breakfast. I didnt want to skip breakfast since it is so important, so on the way to work, I told myself I could be a few minutes late and stopped off at Dunkin Donuts. I was excited to see they had some sort of egg white/turkey sausage breakfast sandwich, but when i tried to create my own whole wheat bagel sandwich thing - it caused all sorts of confusion. So i went with a whole wheat bagel, toasted with light cream cheese. I also picked up a hot, skinny vanilla latte.

Sorry about the quality of the pictures - my camera died this morning, but I did get a few phone photos.check out some of my cool, exciting work in the background! ha.

Mid-morning snack was a cashew cookie larabar.
Today was a very busy day at work and had a working lunch meeting where we ordered chinese food. I had chicken with broccoli and some white rice. I know brown is better, but faced with the option of fried rice or white - i chose the white! I also had a diet coke. (i have never really been a huge soda drinker, but lately - i have been obsessed with Diet Dr. Pepper. It is so good in a cold can! My friend ashley turned me on to it!)

Later in the afternoon, I had some carrots with barney butter. Dont think i have ever had this combo before, but it was very good. Will definitely be doing the carrot/PB thing again.
Since yesterday was a rest day with workouts - today, Oscar and I ran for 36 mins around patterson park and then down by the water in Canton. Perfect night for it - made it feel so easy! The next two days, I am not doing any cardio - only walks with oscar int he park - need to taper and rest up for my 20 mile training run on saturday morning at the Bagel to Beer Marathon!

There has been talk about possibly finishing the entire marathon. Well, Kevin is thinking he wants to do it. So, if he wants to keep going when we arrive at mile 20 - then I am going to and we are going to be completing a marathon on saturday! WHOA.

Dinner tonight is currently in the oven - will be back with that post in a little while! I am starved :)


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