Brussel Sprouts and Perogies...eww

just kidding! But did anyone else hate Brussels sprouts growing up? ughh - i despised them. But for some reason - they are one of my favorite vegetables now! Tonight was a simple meal - no fuss.

For the Brussels sprouts, I steamed them for about 10 mins. Then i drained out the water and added them back to the pan. I added a tiny spoonful of light/whipped butter, fresh ground pepper, garlic, and the secret weapon: a splash of apple cider vinegar. This mixture may sound weird, but it is delicious on Brussels sprouts!

For the perogies, I used half an onion and a tablespoon of EVOO and sauteed the onions and perogies for about 10 mins until browned. It is amazing how low-fat these perogies are: 1 serving = 5 pieces. This serving has 3g of fat, 250 calories, and 8 g of protein. There is alot of sodium though - how do I keep missing this one!? (sorry Teri ;))
Here is my dinner plate - yes, it's paper - i still have the dishwasher issue and I hate dishes! There is also a spoonful of 0% fage on the side to dip the perogies in...
My drink was a peach spritzer in a redskins cup - yes, I am a Washington Redskins fan living in Baltimore city. :)Dessert was a mango mochi ice cream. YUM.
Good night everyone!


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