18 mile run recap and catching up...

I feel like I have alot to catch up on. So we will start with the 18 mile run yesterday morning!

We started at the bagel run, which is every saturday morning at 7am, runners meet to run different lengths around Columbia, MD. I woke up and had my normal pre-run breakfast of whole wheat eggo with PB and honey and a half of a banana. So we started out with a big group of runners, but a smaller group of us peeled off to do a Bagel-to-Beer familiarization run. I feel like the first 3 miles are always the worse for me, but once i get through that it gets easier. Kevin and I decided to do a modified Galloway and run 10 mins, walk 1 min for the entire run. We missed the first walk, so just started at 20 mins, but I feel like those walks are something i look forward too and help stretch out my legs. It was a tough run because of all the hills and the high humidity, so at about 12 miles kevin and I were both starting to fade. We forgot to bring along some GU or mini snickers to keep us going! But luckily, since my dad was on the bike with us, he had a cell phone and called my sister (who lived very nearby where we were on the course) to bring us some gatorade, mini snickers and mini swedish fish. We were SO excited to get those and i really believe they helped us finish!! Next long run, we will be more prepared with all that good stuff! But thanks kimberly and dad! :) Overall, I felt pretty good - my legs, feet, and knees were aching, but i felt like i could have gone longer if I needed too. So that is a good thing!

Once we finished the run, we headed into the Bagel Bin for our post-run breakfast. I got a sesame bagel, toasted with light plain cream cheese. Sorry, no picture!

For lunch, Mara, Kevin and I headed over to Di Pasquale's to grab some sandwiches from this amazing italian marketplace right in Highlandtown, near my house. I decided on a veggie melt on fresh foccacia. It had sauteed spinach, roasted peppers, asparagus, eggplant, mozzarella cheese and olive oil. (I forgot my camera, but used my camera phone to get a picture, so sorry for the bad quality)
I also had a Cranberry Lemonade. All was great and it definitely satisfied me after a long run!

Oh, I almost forgot - we also got some italian fries to split. They were fresh cut with sea salt and pepper and we put some parmesan cheese on them too! Delish!
So Saturday night, mara, Dan, Kevin and I went out to Ra Sushi in Harbor East. Of course I didnt take any pictures of the amazing sushi we had, but I did get some pictures of us that I will share! Here is Kevin and I with our post 18-mile run glow! ha.
and here is a cute one of Mara and Dan!
So as a quick overview of the food eaten and drinks for sat night. kevin and I started with edamame and then ordered 5 rolls. I could only do justice to sharing about 4 of them since kevin likes the soft crab and I cant get near it. Mara and Dan got some good stuff that we picked off too! Steamed shrimp gyoza is a new favorite! I had a mango margarita with dinner that was delicious. Afterwards, we went out and bar hopped at a few places in Canton square and I think we all had a little too much, but it was FUN. :)


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