EX2 Off-Road Half Marathon

Tonight I did a spontaneous thing - registered for the EX2 Off-Road Half Marathon which is SATURDAY! This is definitely risky with Tropical Storm Hanna moving up the East Coast, but even if it is rainy - it will still be fun! Kevin and I needed to get around a 12 mile run this saturday, so this worked out perfectly. I am excited to check out the trails down in VA! Will keep you posted on how it goes!

I made it out of the house for a run around the inside of the park - then did the navy seal work out. 4 sets of 15 pushups and 4 sets of 20 sit-ups. It felt good to do something, but I still feel exhausted and drank 2 16 oz waters when i got home! I mean GULPED them too, so i guess i was dehydrated and come to think of it - i didnt fill up my water bottle twice today. just once. Not sure if I will make even make it to Project Runway tonight...very tired...yaaaawwwwn.

For dinner, mahi-mahi had been taken out of the freezer with all intentions to whip up something delicious with some sort of greek yogurt lemon dill sauce, but it just wasnt happening. Especially after washing a million dishes by hand. ughh.

This new mexican place opened up down the street, so Kevin and I headed down there to try it out. They didnt have chips/salsa - which is probably better for me anyways. So i just got two chicken tacos with onions and cilantro. it came served with fresh lime and a side of cucumbers and radishes. They brought 4 bowls of homemade salsas and I went for the one resembling pico de gallo with jalapenos, onions, tomatoes, and cilantro - it was so HOT. My mouth was on fire. But the grilled chicken was really tasty and the tacos were served on grilled corn tortillas. I ate all the cukes and radishes to try and cool down my mouth. I felt like the 2 tacos wouldnt be enough, but it totally was. Goes to show me that I dont need all those chips and salsa, beans and rice at the mexican restaurants. I hope this place makes it because the people running it were so cute and friendly. They had all this fresh mango, strawberries, and melons in a fridge case up front and whipped up some fruity drink for another customer. I have to get one next time! Oh and I have no idea what this place is even called - they didnt have to-go menus yet, so I will get back to you on this one. Basically, on the corner of Linwood/Eastern Ave - right across from Patterson Park, for those of you from the Baltimore area!

Hope everyone had a great Wednesday - sorry there are no pictures with this post - i forgot my camera on the walk down to the mexican place!


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