Healthy to Horrible

On Thursday, Sept 4th, I started out on the right foot with breakfast. Had a mixture of egg whites, broccoli, onion, and gorgonzola cheese. a piece of whole wheat potato bread with barney butter and a drizzle of honey. And a mango sparkler drink. Oh I also put a little chalula on my eggs for an extra kick! It was a healthy, filling breakfast!
Mid-morning snack was a peanut butter cookie larabar and it really does taste like pb cookie dough - yum!
For lunch, I made up a pita sandwich of the following:

whole wheat pita
garlic and herb laughing cow cheese
grilled chicken

Here are the ingredients being packed for lunch.
For my PM snack, I had a blueberry TJ greek yogurt with oatmeal squares and almonds mixed in. I am loving the 1/2 cup size Tupperware things - they really help with portion sizes and are better than using a million plastic baggies.
So after work is where it went downhill. Right after work, Kevin and I took oscar for a walk and then decided to go watch the redskins game at Portside Tavern in Canton square. They were having a deal on 50 cent wings, so we decided to get a few. I got 6 old bay wings that were amazing. I ate those with bleu cheese and all the fresh celery that came along with it. I also had 2.5 grapefruit crushes. Basically - they squeeze fresh grapefruit juice and then add in ice, ruby red vodka, and some soda water? They are delicious. Sorry - no pictures!

**Almost forgot - so we were sitting at the bar and who walks in - WEEMAN from JackA$$!!! A friend we were with was outside talking to him, so we know it was definitely him! Not sure why he was in Baltimore, but still, I had to mention my "celebrity" sighting! :)

When Kevin and I were leaving the bar, we decided that we were hungry and since we hadnt had pizza in so long - i think the last time was the healthy pizza? We stopped by Py Pizza in the square and ordered a full pizza because the slices looked REALLY old. I told my self I would only have 2 slices of cheese and I stuck to that! This pizza is great - really thin with homemade sauce, fresh mozzarella and they cook it in a brick oven. I think people i talk to either love it or hate it, but we LOVE it. Kevin ate a slice before i could get my camera out. ;)
So with this day starting off so healthy- I felt sick after eating so horribly at night. ughh - need to get back on the right track for friday!


Jessica September 5, 2008 at 8:06 PM  

Thanks for the comment! I added you to my blogroll. You have way more will power than I do! Good Luck!

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