Yesterday afternoon/evening was a blur. I felt like my body could not function properly. I was extremely tired! Kevin and I went to lunch around 4pm because neither of us could really move until then. We chose Austin Grill in Canton since we really wanted chips and salsa and just couldnt think straight to try and come up with a great new Mexican place to try. Any Suggestions out there?

So we started out with chips and salsa and a regular margarita on the rocks - no salt for me.I ordered the grilled vegetable burrito with roasted green chile sauce. It said that it came stuffed with grilled onions, peppers, spinach, yellow and green squash with black beans. But when it came, it seemed more like a black bean burrito with a few tiny pieces of green squash in there. No traces of spinach or onions that I could find. A little disappointing, but I still managed to eat almost half of this huge thing. I was stuffed and could barely keep my eyes open, so we went home, but did pick up some wine for later in case we felt the urge to have a few glasses.

Getting home was a blur and I dont remember much else until i woke up around 8:30pm. I had slept for almost 3 and a half hours!

I immediately felt a little hungry, so I had a piece of the blueberry/peach bread that came with the produce share.
Kevin was pan frying these shrimp gyoza from TJs that had been in the freezer so I had a few of those also - could only eat 4.I tried to have a glass of wine, but could barely get a sip down and just felt extremely lethargic. Back to bed awhile later - what a wild and crazy saturday night. ;) that 20-miler took it out of me.Woke up sunday morning around 7am - had enough sleep! I decided to make some egg white burritos with fruit on the side. The egg whites were cooked with a few onions and some PAM and served on corn tortillas with 2% sharp cheddar and some chalula. I also had half a banana and half of a sliced pear.We decided to get out, stretch our sore legs and take oscar for a long walk to this different coffee shop (Patterson Perk) - since High Grounds is closed on sundays. I ordered an iced skim, caramel latte, but they put whole milk instead and I could only take a few sips. I dont like whole milk - too creamy and thick for me.

About to clean up the house and get ready for the Skins game at 1pm!


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