Quick Packed Breakfast/Lunch

I had to get up pretty early this morning, because i was supposed to be in the Rockville office by 8am. Anyone that knows this MD/DC/VA area knows that getting from Baltimore to Rockville in the morning rush is a tough thing. I left my house at 7am and didnt get there until 8:45am. What a great ride. syke. (is that how you spell it?)

Since I was rushed - i decided to pack breakfast and lunch to go. I did stop at Royal Farms for coffee because i needed gas, so I picked up a regular coffee and added some sf french vanilla and 2 splendas. It started off tasting bad, but slowly tasted better through my ride. weird.
Here is a shot of my nifty lunch bag - filled with my food, except the sandwich - added that post picture. This thing really is great for keeping things cool.
I also munched on some oatmeal squares while driving and when i got to the Rockville office, I ate my banana with barney butter. By 10am, i was starving, so I had my Cherry Pie Larabar. Around noon, I heated up leftovers from the weekend - half of a ham and cheese sandwich with tomato and some special sauce from DiPasquales. (Mara left this in my fridge and I didnt want to throw it out) Usually I am not great with leftovers, but this sandwich was so tasty - even after 4 days in the fridge. I just heated it up for 45 sec in the microwave. Sorry - no picture.

I got to leave rockville at 2pm to beat traffic, so I munched on a strawberry smashed fruit thingee during the ride home. After an afternoon conference call from home, I had the honey greek yogurt with some leftover cereal from this morning, almonds, blueberries, and an extra drizzle of honey.

It is so hot outside, I am trying to motivate myself to go running - probably going to have to wait out this 90 degree heat though.


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