Friday (and some Larabar excitement!!)

This morning, I brought breakfast with me to work. On the my commute, I drank one of these tasty Mango Acai Berry drinks. New product for me and I am a fan. I had picked up an honey Oikos greek yogurt last night while at whole foods to try - the honey on the bottom sort of weirded me out at first because it was a little runny, but it tasted great with the crumbs from the bottom of my GoLean Kashi Crunch box all mixed in.

Mid-Morning snack was my first Cocoa Mole Larabar. I guess I have just been living under a rock because supposedly this one has been out for awhile. I loved it - the hint of chili really gave it a good kick.Lunch was a almond butter (picked some up at WF last night so I could be fancier) and fig jam sandwich on whole wheat potato bread. I am in love with this bread - soo moist! I also had a banana and then about an hour later an apple. I like slicing mine up...wait...is that a half bitten piece down in the bottom left? i dont know what that is about. :)
Later that afternoon, I popped one of those 100 calorie popcorn bags and took a picture with my phone. These little bags have alot in them! (ugly, blurry cell phone pic)I feel starving right now, so am going to snack on a few pretzels with hummus before taking Oscar to the park. Then it's pasta time - a nice carb load in preparation for tomorrow's looooong run! (still deciding about going out or staying in...)

And on a very EXCITING note...I found out that the picture of larabars I posted last night was featured on the Larabar blog - check it out! I was so flattered and happy all day. :)

For any runner peeps out there - check out this funny article from active.com. Promise it will give you a laugh about the 10 Types of Runners.


Anonymous September 19, 2008 at 7:47 PM  

I think I have seen all the types mentioned in the article! Hope you have a great run tomorrow. Can't wait to read about it. I am so happy this is the last long run. but even more excited that the weather should be perfect for it.

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