EX2 Off-Road Half Marathon

We woke up extra early today in order to get down to Triangle, VA by 7:30am for pre-race registration. I started off with a WW eggo with Barney Butter and honey. (forgot to take a photo until after my BIG bite)
I also had a small banana.
Since I was eating breakfast at 5:45am, i brought some quaker oat squares for the car ride.
I also brought this CLIF Mojo Sweet/salty Peanut Butter pretzel bar - my sister told me about them, so I had to pick one up. It did not disappoint - so good! Kevin and I split this while we were waiting for the race to start.We started the race at 9am and there were a couple hundred runners. Everyone looked pretty hard core, so we were vowing not to be LAST before it started! ha. The course had been altered because of the heavy rains, so we were on more fire roads and paved roads then single track trails. To say this course was hilly is a UNDERSTATEMENT. We were running on mountains. no joke. I would start walking on a steep hill when I could crawl/walk up it faster than running it.

Even though it was so hard with the mountains, it was all in the woods/shade and a great day for it. Kevin and I finished very strong by passing a few people on some hills and felt really good overall. I dont think we were anywhere near last place! He is much stronger than me on the single track trails - but I am stronger on the roads. interesting. It was good because we kept each other going on each of the different surfaces. I am really excited to do more of the EX2 Adventure Races! Especially a mountain bike one or some sort of triathlon. Would rather it not have swimming since i am not a strong swimmer, so we shall see what is coming up! The marathon is our main focus these days. 4 weeks to go!

After the race, they had pizza, fruit, bagels, cookies, chips, sodas, etc. I had one slice of cheese pizza, water, and a diet coke. I didnt want to fill up since I had a late lunch date planned!

I met up with my good friends Chrissi, Laura, and Erica at Houlihans in Columbia, MD for some lunch and catching up. We try to have monthly meetings to make sure we stay up to date with everything going on in our lives!

I had the fish tacos which were really good. I ate both tacos and about half the chips and salsa.
They had mini desserts on the menu for $2.50, so I ordered a white chocolate banana cream pie. YUM. But, I could only eat about half - i was full!
Tonight we are making a homemade veggie pizza with TJ whole wheat dough - I cant wait! Be back later!


Kevin September 7, 2008 at 9:25 PM  

That was an awesome race. I can't wait to do more of those with you.

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