Catching Up (friday, 9.12.2008)

I cant wait to give a recap of today's run, but first let me get caught up with yesterday's eats! Friday breakfast was simple. Quaker Oat squares with blueberries and skim milk.But, I got to work and felt hungry, so I ate one of my green apples from produce share. It was a little tart, but very crisp, so I loved it. I hate mushy apples - yuck.Around 10:30am, I was hungry again, so I ate this amazing clif mojo dipped bar - peanut butter and jelly flavor. Definitely a new favorite.Here is a picture I took with my phone of the actual bar (well this is only half). It was the color of grape jelly and had white yogurt/chocolate on the bottom with peanuts. yum. For lunch, I met an old co-worker/friend for lunch at IndiClub Indian Restaurant (couldnt find any website about them) right nearby work. I am back in the same area, but working for a different company now. Anyways, this indian restaurant looks sketchy from the outside because it is not in the best area and is inside a creepy looking hotel. But, since I work and have worked with a number of Indian folks - they mentioned it to me and i have never been disappointed. They have a lunch buffet that is perfect because i dont know what anything is called, so I get to try a whole bunch of different stuff. I am so sorry that there is no picture - but my plate was filled with naan bread (of course), some reddish sauce with garbanzo beans in it, rice, spicy broccoli and chicken, and some spinachy looking mixture. It was all delicious. I just had water with lunch and I only had one plate!! My friend and I were talking so much - I was eating slower and then didnt need it because I felt full! I would have ordered a mango lassi - which is this yogurt mango drink - YUMM - but our waiter was MIA most of the time.

Later that afternoon, I munched on a pear from the produce share and then had a TJ honey greek yogurt with GOLean Kashi crunch mixed in. No picture of the yogurt - I think it magically disappeared because i swear I took a shot of it!So for dinner, my boyfriend made reservations for us at a restaurant in Little Italy, Dalesio's that neither of us had tried. He picked it, made reservations and then called me to tell me/ask me on a date - I love it when he takes charge and makes the decisions like that!! :) We knew we needed to get our carbs in us for the long run so we decided to just go all out because we would run it off tomorrow!

I wanted to have a glass of wine with dinner and since we were eating so early - I knew it would be ok. So I started with a glass of pinot grigio - my fav. Weird how they put it in a red wine glass though?They brought this amazing, warm italian bread with olive oil and herbs to dip and I had 2 pieces. I couldnt help it because the bread and dipping sauce was just so good.As an appetizer, we split lobster ravioli with a basil cream sauce. out of this world - i wanted to lick the serving spoon, but i refrained. ;)After our appetizer, they brought us this watermelon sorbet as a palate cleanser. I dont even like watermelon, but I tried it because I think sorbet to cleanse the palate is fancy. But this stuff was icey (old) and not very good.As my meal, I ordered chicken parmesan with a side of linguini and green beans. They used fresh mozzarella and it was a huge portion - I only ate about half on this plate. And I also had a few bites of kevin's dish which was shrimp and scallops over lingiuni in a creamy marsala sauce. It was very rich, but also very delicious.For dessert, we walked over to the famous, Vaccaro's Italian Pastry Shop and I knew it was going to be tough to fit anything right then, so we got ours to go. I got my all-time favorite, SFOGLIATELLE, which is filled pastry that is shaped like a shell. The word "sfogliatelle" means "many leaves/layers," and this describes the dessert fairly well, as the texture resembles leaves stacked on each other. The filling is baked ricotta, usually flavored with orange or almond paste. If you have never had one - please do so - ASAP. You will be hooked.

Here is mine ready to be eaten (ok, I actually had already taken a bite, but tried to make it look like I hadnt) - i eventually got hungry and ate it last night. :)
I am going to cut this LONG post here and type another one giving a recap of today's run!!


Zesty Cook November 15, 2008 at 8:14 PM  

WOW some great eats. I love the chicken... and the dessert. Yum
thanks for sharing

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