CoCo Sala, "Chocolate Boutique" (10.03.2008)

All I have to say is that CoCo Sala was an EXPERIENCE. wow. This place is exploding with coolness and each dish was like a piece of artwork. It is described as a chocolate lounge and boutique on their website, but they also serve "coco bites" or tapas. Since we were doing dinner and dessert there and had six people, the server suggested that we try one of each of the coco bites since they were small and then decide on dessert after that. We went along with it and I am so glad we did because we each got to try a little of everything!

They also have some innovative cocktails, which we were happy to sample. I chose the reve which had some type of vodka, pear juice, and a cherry on the bottom. it was great!!A few others chose the alisar which was another combo of vodka with cucumber melon and fresh slices of cucumbers on top. They even made a virgin version for chrissi, who is preggers!! Very refreshing! My friends were happy to help model the drinks for the blog! :) I then went on to a glass of pinot grigio and please notice this awesome glass - had never seen anything like it! I think at some point I forgot about my run the next morning at 7:30am...more on that later.Please enjoy the wide array of coco bites we samples a.k.a "food artwork"! Each and everything I sampled was AMAZING.

mac & cheese
BACON: orechiette / fourcheeses / crispy bacon
SHRIMP: mini penne / jack &cheddar / garlic shrimp / jalapenos
CLASSIC: elbow mac / cheddar & parmesan / fresh sage /cream cheese crust
CRISPY LOUISIANA: mango salsa / chipotle chocolate tomato glaze /avocado cilantro emulsion
CHESAPEAKE: coffee crème fraiche /micro greens blend
COCONUT CRABCAKE: basil & chocolate mayo / baby greens
SPICY MOROCCAN SWORDFISH: fennel salad / aged pecorino / hazelnut coffee dressing
BLUE CHEESE BEEF BURGER: co co. mole sauce / sautéed spinach / wild mushrooms
TANDOORI CHICKEN PATTY: cardamom carrots & greens
MANCHEGO & BABY ARUGULA: caramelized walnuts /dates / apples & oranges /coffee vinaigrette
GOAT CHEESE & BEETS: yellow & red beets / greens /maracaibo nibs / raspberry vinaigrette
MAINE LOBSTER SALAD: lemon aioli / cucumber /crushed avocado / greens /corn bread / passion chocolate vinaigretteOnce we worked our way through these, we decided to order a few more of the swordfish sliders because everyone didnt get to taste them and we all wanted to since they were delicious. I think my favorites were the goat cheese & beets, spicy moroccan swordfish slider, and the bacon mac & cheese. Did you notice the piece of bacon covered in chocolate?! we each had a small bite to try and it was interesting...savory/sweet combo, so it works.

And now on to dessert. This place does not mess around. They have four different three course desserts to choose from! you can also order things separately, but we decided to order two of the three course desserts for us all to share. These plates were small, so we knew we could handle it!!

Our first chocolate course, called AMUSE included:
churros / cinnamon cream /dulce de leche dip (MY FAVORITE)and mini boston cream doughnut / cappuccino panna cottaOur second chocolate course, called MAIN DESSERT included:
hot chocolate soufflé with fiery chocolate center (ANOTHER FAVORITE) /kahlua sootherand milk chocolate, pb & banana foster split / mini co co. cupcake / malted shooterAnd finally, our third chocolate course called PETIT FOURS included:
chocolate infused horchata /mexican wedding cookie and mint chocolate chip cone /strawberry cheese cake lolly with pop rocks (remember pop rocks - so fun!)It feels so crazy to write all that - does this type of place exist?! I am here to tell you YES - and everyone needs to try it!

Oh, and one more thing...Ali's sister knew a manager there, so he brought over shots for our table at one point and I completely forgot about my run in the morning and went for it. It was a new kind of Patron coffee flavored tequila - it was SO smooooth and delicious!Overall, it was a great time and the perfect place to hang out with such good friends...need to do it more often. Anyone near DC or traveling to DC that is looking for a great "girl's night" or special date place - should definitely check this place out!

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D10 October 4, 2008 at 1:43 PM  

Wow, the food is presented very nicely. The restaurant seems like a fun place to have dinner. Looks like you all enjoyed yourselves.

Courtney October 4, 2008 at 3:29 PM  

Wow. Yum, yum and yum. You'll be happy to know that Hamilton Tavern also has those funky wine glasses. Good luck with the run =O

lauren October 4, 2008 at 7:19 PM  

d10/ thanks, yes, it was fun and I got home early enough to have a good run today - will post about it later - hope to hear about yours!

courtney/ I cant wait to try Hamilton tavern!

Meghann October 4, 2008 at 9:34 PM  

Umm.. OMG HEAVEN!!!! That place looks awesome and all the food looks delicious I am in awe!

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