1 day to go (10.10.2008)

1 day to go and I am so happy it is friday!! First things first, last night, Kevin and I went to the race expo to pick up our race packets and it really got us excited for saturday. There was a stand with all these different head bands that had sayings on them and the one that hit home for me was this:ha! I truly do run so that I can eat the foods I love! and I just realized the one below it too - Operation: shrink a bootie - funny stuff.

Afterwards we went and picked up some last minute supplies and then met my parents for dinner at Carrabba's. I hadnt been there in years, but I was pleasantly surprised. Everything was fresh and delicious. Didnt get a picture of the hot bread, but it was great, I had about 2 pieces dipped in the herbs and olive oil - YUM.

To start I got the Italian salad with an italian vinaigrette - and I forgot to ask for the dressing on the side, but it tasted perfect to me and wasnt drenched in dressing!My meal was the Mezzeluna, which was half moon shaped ravioli stuffed with chicken, spinach, and ricotta in a tomato cream sauce. It was great and not too rich, but a huge portion, so I brought home a bunch of it. (oops, one slipped into my mouth before the picture :))They had the little shot glasses of dessert and we decided that we had room, so I got this one with an italian cookie, pineapple, and banana cream with a strawberry. It was OK. It had too much whipped cream and not enough of the good stuff.My mom and Kevin both got the cannoli shot glass dessert, which i tried of bite of and liked much better. next time...For breakfast this morning, I got up and made french toast! I haven't made this in forever and was inspired by Caitlin who had it as a pre-race day breakfast! I mixed egg whites, a splash of skim milk, and cinnamon - and then dipped the bread into the egg mixture before throwing on the pan. (literally - i threw it by accident because the bread almost slipped off my fork - egg was all over the pan - oops)

Topped with sliced banana, raisins, more cinnamon, and sugar free syrup - this was a great filling breakfast! (my nerves werent as bad this morning, so it went down fine!)Hope everyone has a great FRIDAY!


Meghann October 10, 2008 at 9:14 AM  

I want that head band! I actually want a shirt that says that! I'm going to google and see if I can find anything :) Your Ravioli looks delicious and personaly I would have gone with the cannoli option as well. Have a great rest day before your race! :)

Erin of Care to Eat October 10, 2008 at 9:27 AM  

LOL! I love the logo! I remember telling someone I work out so I can eat a lot. It's totally true.
I'm so excited for you!
Glad your nerves aren't killing your appetite today.

*aron* October 10, 2008 at 11:57 AM  

loooooooove the headband :)

GOOD LUCK TOMORROW!!! AHHH so exciting!! cant wait to read how it goes!

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