Recap of Thursday (8.28.2008)

Things have been busy, but i have had this to post for a full day now! So back to Thursday...

Breakfast included:
16 oz. skinny caramel iced latte from High Grounds. High Grounds Coffee Shop is my corner coffee shop (literally on the corner of my block) where they roast their own coffee beans. They are also selling their coffee in our local Whole Foods in Harbor East. Their coffee is like none other and they are super friendly which a great way to start any morning. I love waking up and smelling the coffee beans roasting!

Standard Power Oatmeal mix. I packed my oatmeal + mixers to bring to work and used hot water instead of skim milk. Mixers included ½ a banana, sprinkle of raisins, almonds, ground blueberry flax, and then a spoonful of PB.

Oh and this is what was staring at me through my window as I got in my car to leave for work. He makes it so hard to leave!

Mid-morning snack was:
Boysenberry smashed fruit from TJs a small whole wheat pita with PB and homemade fig jam. My grandmother needs to start selling this fig jam – it is amazing. She picks the figs fresh from her neighbors’ fig tree (they have asked her to do this because otherwise they go to waste) and then somehow whips up this fig jam. I helped pick the figs one day, but now I need to learn how to actually make this jam.
supplied by High Grounds! Since lunch supplies are low, I picked up one of their packed lunches to-go this morning. It includes whole wheat pitas, carrots, celery, two small containers of hummus, and some grapes. You can choose chips or a banana to go with it. Since I already had my banana the morning oatmeal, I chose Original Sun Chips. They have a lot of other healthy lunch options, which is great and so convenient!

Oh and this is what I have with me every day at work to make sure i am getting enough water. It is a little over 32 oz. I try to fill it up at least twice a day.
Afternoon snack:
It was going be Stonyfield peach yogurt, but I opened it to find it looking very strange. Tons of liquid on the top and the yogurt was separated. Looked at the expiration and it said Aug 18, 2008! Man! I need to look at that more closely before buying – because I know it has only been in my fridge for about a week! So I was hungry and craving chocolate at this point. I resorted to the company vending machine which is never good. I came out with Entenmann’s Brownie Little Bites and was feeling guilty the entire time because I knew I was going to have to write about it on here!! But they tasted really good – and I savored every little bite.

So Thursday night was tough because an old friend of mine from high school passed away very suddenly a few days ago. We hadn't been in touch too much over the years since high school, but I wanted to pay my respects and I am glad I did. Such a tragic loss. Afterwards, a few of my friends and I went out for a drink, but since we hadn't eaten dinner, we decided to get some food. We all split a few appetizers and a pizza. I had some of the crab dip with warm pita, one half of a southwest egg roll, some calamari with marinara and then 1 slice of mushroom pizza. I also had a bud light and then a few sips of a sweet creamsicle shooter of some sort. See, I told you it was a bad food night! whew - time to get back on track.


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