Annapolis 10 miler

So today Kevin and I ran the Annapolis 10 miler! I started off the morning with half an english muffin with peanut butter and homemade fig jam and a half a banana. The weather was a little warm for a 10 miler run, but after the first 3 miles in the bright sun, we were in the shade and felt OK the rest of the way. It is an extremely hilly race. Check out the elevation profile below to see what I am talking about!
So we hadn't signed up for the race, but my dad and his friend both couldn't run, so Kevin and I ran as Leon and Tom. There was a lot of talk on the mic before the race about how they will not tolerate people running under other people's names (bandits) and if they find out they would ban someone from ever running another Annapolis 10 miler again. I was worried enough to rip my number so you couldn't see the name and age. But all was OK - with 5000+ runners, they didn't even notice. We were both feeling really strong at the end - like we could have gone farther - which is awesome because we have an 18-miler next weekend!

After the race, we went back to Kevin's family's house for a cookout. I had a hot dog, half of a cheeseburger, huge slice of a tomato, some fresh raspberries, some mac/cheese, corn on the cob and some german potato salad. I ate too much, but i did forgo the bread. does that count as doing good? On the way out, we stopped at Starbucks because Kevin was about to fall asleep at the wheel. I got a banana/chocolate vivanno, but could only drink about half. I am full and exhausted. Off to take a nap.

Oh - I bought some whole wheat pizza dough at TJs on Friday and am going to make a pizza tonight - will make sure to post pics later!


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