18 miler tomorrow!

So today was an early start because of an early work meeting. Since I was running late, I woke up and packed a whole wheat pita with PB and fig jam for breakfast. I stopped by High Grounds and picked up a hot, skim caramel latte for the drive to work.

For lunch, i had to go out again because i didn't have anything to pack from home. So I went to panera and got a bowl of the Turkey Chickpea Chili, half sesame asian chicken, and an apple.

I couldnt end up eating the salad because i opened it and the salad was brown and slimy. I tried to pick out some of chicken and almonds to eat. Oh and I ate all of those fried wonton things. of course those were fine - it was the lettuce that was bad!

The apple was good - like my background? my passenger car seat! :)
During the afternoon, i had a 100 calorie popcorn pack and that held me over until getting home.

So tonight i am going with some friends to this semi-new restaurant in the revived Harbor East area - but i am going to do the full review tomorrow. Off to bed to get lots of good rest before my 18 mile training run tomorrow. But i will say, i had a great pasta carb load tonight...yummm.


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