My Disclaimer

I know I am a little late with the post for yesterday - it was a long day yesterday. I am working on pulling it together now and should post soon.

I just wanted to give a quick disclaimer for readers (not even sure there are that many out there - ha) explaining the purpose of this blog and a few of my views. I am not on a diet or plan to ever be. I really just don't believe in them, especially the fad diets that are out there these days. I also don't count my calories. Now, this doesn't mean that I am not aware of the fat, sugar, sodium, calorie, etc. content in the foods I eat. Because I am. But I am not going to kill myself worrying about it. I enjoy food too much to deprive myself of the things I love.

With all that said, the purpose of this blog is to track my eating and workouts to help me be more consistent in my food choices (making healthier ones) and keep up with my workouts. I also plan to review the restaurants I frequent and post some recipes I make or news ones that I come up with. Guaranteed you will see me splurge with food (just wait until you see my post about dinner last night - you will gasp) and slack off from my workouts, but I welcome any suggestions or ideas relating to helping me stay more consistent and give me more ideas for eating healthier (especially while eating out - i find that the hardest). The blogs listed in my Blog roll have truly been an inspiration to me!

What I have yet to see is a healthy french fry recipe - could someone please send me one? They are my ultimate weakness.

Ok - back to work. Will be back with a full post soon! :)

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